Some of my best friends who use hosting services whether they are domestic or foreign will surely get a number of differences in how the performance of each server that provides hosting services and domain sales. Included in this regard, Singapore’s cloud hosting has gone up rapidly in the past decade.

It must be admitted that indeed Indonesia is still in an unsatisfactory order for matters of cloud hosting services, aka cloudhosting. At least a number of studies have stated that Indonesia is still only a few levels above the country with the world’s cloud hosting services.

The irony is that the three of the 5 worst cloud hosting services are Southeast Asia, namely Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. Comparing with Brazil and the Republic of South Africa when quoted from Vault Networks.

This is very ironic considering that on the other hand Singapore is one of the best internet and cloud hosting service providers in the world. So it’s no wonder, not only Asian countries use Singapore cloud hosting but a number of countries from other continents including Australia also use Singapore cloud hosting because several factors that also seem very clear.

It’s no longer a mediocre but it’s already under the board, that’s what happened in Indonesia when cloud hosting services in Indonesia were compared to a number of other countries including Singapore cloud hosting.

Now, buddy, let’s see, if for example you try to search on the Google search engine and then type ‘Singapore cloud hosting’ then at least until the 5th page of Google you will find a surprising reality, how many companies use Singapore cloud hosting as the main product they.

With the emergence of many cloud hosting service providers based in Singapore, showing strong indications that the number of consumers is really dependent on it. Not only that, quite a number of companies in Indonesia also use cloud hosting based in Singapore.

Become the ‘Bridge of the World’

Singapore in fact is not geographically ideal as a country. Squeezed and in the armpits of the largest country in Southeast Asia, namely Indonesia and still have to travel thousands of kilometers before leaving Southeast Asia, Singapore instead became a cloud hosting giant.

This very small country is noted to have the fastest internet connection in the world number 7. Of course it is very spoiling its citizens whose population is far below Indonesia whose internet has only been intensified in use in less than two decades.

Quoted from ChannelNewsAsia stated that internet connections in Singapore reached 180.61 Mbps for the average number. Where on the other hand Singapore has an average speed of up to 44 Mbps for mobile. There are only 6 countries that can beat this connection speed.

In particular, Channel News Asia described the internet connection in Singapore as being quite perfect for consumers both for broadband and mobile internet. The daily stated that the internet connection in Singapore did not leave a bad option for its customers at all.

Equivalent of three money, not only is the internet connection fast but Singapore’s cloud hosting service has also successfully enchanted many countries to then use servers in this country to develop their businesses.

From Singapore, it turns out that many countries are then interested in using server services in this country. There are at least 3 main reasons why Singapore’s cloud hosting is used as the reason why many companies from a number of countries choose it. Namely reliability, security and stability.