Differences in Remote Desktop RDP and Windows VPS will answer all your questions that are confused to choose RDP. This is because many buyers have the wrong package in choosing VPS or RDP, so there are many complaints that arise. For that, before buying a VPS or RDP package, you must know the difference between the two so that you don’t regret it after you buy.

Basically, the two packages chosen between VPS and RDP are the same as having Remote Desktop Connection that can be connected and used for several activities. It’s just that VPS has full administrator privileges, you can use the server to your liking, free to install applications, reboot and shuttdown, even to reinstall the server at once which you will not get on the RDP service. This is because on one server RDP is used by many users while on a server VPS one server is your own so you are free to manage the server in full.

What are the Differences in Remote Desktop RDP and Windows VPS?

  1. Access rights

Difference between Remote Desktop RDP and Windows VPS Not all RDP packages can be used to install applications carelessly because you are only a user. Whereas on VPS Server you have full administrator access rights so that you can manage the server in full, free to install applications and even the operating system.

2. Terms of Service / Therms Of Service (TOS)

So that the use of RDP servers is more organized and does not interfere with other users, of course the RDP provider will provide specific regulations, for example, such as a ban on using BOT and Traffic Exchange or Encoding that consumes server resources. Unlike the VPS Server that allows you to run many applications according to the capacity you have purchased.

3. Resource Server

Of course you are surprised why the RDP package has a very large RAM for example 32GB, while the VPS only has 3GB Ram. Actually you do not need to be surprised by this, because the RDP Server RAM is of course used to share with other users, so in this case you are given restrictions on using RAM, CPU, etc. in order to share with other users. But if you use VPS then the resources of RAM, CPU, HDD space HDD can be used for yourself to be more leverage.

4. Security

In RDP, of course, users can see other users’ files. Even some packages can delete other user files. But if you use VPS in one server hard disk can only be used by yourself so it is safer