Maybe you’ve heard the term Offshore web hosting, and maybe curious about the difference with other web hosting? Actually Offshore web hosting is no different from other hosting, the service provided is also the same. What is meant by offshore is the location of a server or data center located outside the country, not from the country of origin of the website.

For example, you create a website with the extension or id, but the server is in Singapore.

Why Use Offshore Web Hosting?

There are many reasons why developers host websites or applications offshore. Most who use offshore hosting are websites with copyrighted content, DMCA content, hacking websites, websites with adult content, gambling websites, and other illegal websites. The reason is because in the origin countries such content is prohibited, so they are hosting their websites offshore, to avoid legal problems.

For example in Indonesia we know that gambling or poker websites are prohibited, they usually outsmart by hosting their websites offshore outside of Indonesia.

Other Reasons to Use Offshore Web Hosting?

Although most of it is used for websites with illegal content, offshore hosting is not only used for illegal websites. Offshore hosting can be used if the website has many visitors from other countries. Website owners can add servers in the targeted country or region and translate into local languages, to improve user experience and better interaction.

Technology companies like Google, which have services accessed by billions of people around the world. Not only has a data center located in its home country, the United States, Google also has a data center in Asia located in Taiwan and Singapore, and also in Europe located in Ireland, the Netherlands, Finland and Belgium.

Favorite Location of Offshore Web Hosting

Some countries that are well known as reliable offshore hosting locations include Cyprus, Panama, the Netherlands, India, China, Hong Kong and Singapore. However, many actually do not see China as the first choice, because traffic from China is often recognized as spam by servers around the world.

Depending on the website or web application that you want to run, and depending on specific needs, you need to decide whether offshore is a reasonable choice for your project. For the service itself is not different from other hosting like shared hosting, VPS and dedicated server, the only difference is the location.