When you build a blog or website, choosing the best web hosting is absolutely mandatory. We are obliged to buy a good hosting, because whether or not a website is well-built one of them depends on this.

But, it is quite difficult to choose a suitable hosting. The problem is the number of hosting providers nowadays. It’s also hard to find features that fit our needs, quality, at affordable prices.

Well, here I gather a list of the best Indonesian web hosting for your chosen material.

Why choose Indonesian local hosting? One of them is ease of communication. In addition, the features and quality are also not inferior to outside hosting providers. Usually there are services that are commonly available at each hosting provider, both local and outside. As; reseller hosting, free SSL, domain purchases, backup facilities, and others. Here I write the price of hosting and other services, okay?

For more details, you can click the info link in each review.

List of Indonesia’s Best Web Hosting 2020

  • Hosting Niagahoster.co.id. Hosting packages start from Rp. 19,800.
  • Hosting Ardetamedia.com. Hosting packages start from Rp. 25,000.
  • Hosting Idwebhost.com. Hosting packages start from Rp. 1000.
  • Hosting Nusantarahost.co.id. Hosting packages start from Rp. 10,000.
  • Hosting Dewaweb.com. Hosting packages start from Rp. 20,000.
  • Hosting Domainesia.com. Hosting packages start from Rp. 8000.
  • Ziehost.com Hosting. Hosting packages start from Rp. 900.
  • Hosting Idcloudhost.com.
  • Hosting Jogjahost.co.id. Hosting packages start from Rp. 10,000.
  • Hosting Domosquare.com. Hosting packages start from Rp. 1000.
  • Hosting Jetorbit.com. Hosting packages start from Rp. 7650.

Tips for Choosing Hosting

When choosing hosting for your website, there are a few simple tips you can use. Note; tips here do not cover technical issues, but are quite helpful in filtering quality hosting later.

1. The amount of Disk Space

I think disk space on hosting is quite important. Rough disk space is the allotment of space we have on the hosting that is used. If your blog uses a lot of pictures or files, of course you will need more disk space.

Ideally, choose a hosting package that provides 1 GB of space and above. If it’s not enough, you can add it by buying addon space, or upgrading to a higher package.

2. SSL is available

At a minimum, free SSL is available on the package you choose. With SSL, your website can use https so it is safer for your data. In addition, in terms of SEO there is also an influence.

Use hosting that can use SSL, or at least provide free SSL from lets encrypt.

3. Using SSD

SSD (Solid State Disk) technology can speed up loading from our website. Currently, SSD can be said to be the standard of hosting.

As much as possible we choose a package that uses SSD for disk space.

4. Available Backup and Restore

Backup and restore facilities must be in the hosting package you choose. The goal is to make our website more secure security.

Use a hosting package that has an automatic backup facility, at least weekly backups.

5. 24/7 support

We never know when a blog or website has an error. That is why, suppliers who are ready to help 24 hours really need.

6. User Review

Googling with hosting name + review keywords to see testimonials and other user experiences. As much as possible you choose hosting that has a good reputation.

You can also see reviews on Facebook or blogger forums.

7. Price

Usually, hosting at low prices has limited resources. There is also cheap hosting that cannot be used for wordpress blogs or other CMS, or using databases. This type of hosting is more suitable for static / html websites.

As much as possible choose hosting with enough resources so that the blog or website that we make later can run smoothly. Also make sure there are supporting facilities such as Cpanel, one click installer, etc.