Myths about RDP ~ Many people who buy rdp but do not know its function, they assume the use of rdp will make internet access free. Some consider RDP to make internet connections much faster. There is also an opinion that the installation of RDP will make their internet quota not be reduced or unlimited.

We need to know, RDP is not a kind of internet package. Buying RDP is the same as renting a high-speed computer (on the remote remotely via an internet connection). The function of RDP is to run jobs on the server, for example re-uploading (data is stored on the server, uploaded from the server too), running applications that must be online nonstop (bot). You can watch a video review of using rdp here.

The following Myths about RDP that often arise

  1. Can RDP make our quota less or the internet free?

Usually people ask, does RDP take a quota? Really this is a wrong understanding. The PC or cellphone that you have only functions to control the RDP Server. RDP has nothing to do with the internet package you are using. Because for speed, price, quota it all depends on the cellular provider that you use.

2. Using RDP can speed up the internet on our HP / Laptop?

Buying an RDP is the same as renting a high-spec computer, including for ram, cpu, storage and also a much faster internet connection. This causes the software and all activities carried out on the server will get high performance. With only notes that run on high-speed RDP servers, there is no effect on the device you are using, because your gadget is only used for remote.

3. Can the downloaded file that is on the rdp server be pasted to our PC?

RDP is not brought home, it is very unlikely copy and paste. because the RDP is remote using internet access, then the file upload process will occur when downloading the file to the server. If you do this, it’s the same as downloading twice.
Physically. A quality RDP server has a server location in Singapore, you may not have to go to Singapore to copy paste data.

4. Can it be used on Android?

Need to understand again, the gadget / PC that we have is only used for remote. So no matter what kind of device, the important thing is to be able to connect to the internet to login.
Android users can use the RD Client application. For PC users, you can use Apps Remote Desktop Connection, Windows, so you don’t need to install the application.

5. Can RDP die if our PC or cellphone is turned off (close)?

Like a television that has a remote, even when the TV remote is broken the TV can still be on. Likewise with RDP, your device is only used for remote. So when your gadget is turned off or closed, the RDP server remains active and runs normally without any interruption.

6. Is this RDP always online?

This is the advantage of RDP, it is intended for heavy and nonstop activities for 24 hours straight. However, there will be no damage to the RDP computer. RDP computers consist of hardware that is created specifically for the server.

7. Can you install applications on an RDP server?

Of course you can, like a personal computer that uses windows, rdp server computer can also be installed Application. Maybe you can buy full administrator access rdp.