After deciding to have your own website. Whether for blogs, online stores or corporate web. One of the most important things you must do is choose the right hosting.

I remember the first time I made a website and it arrived in the period that I was supposed to monetize, my hosting was down many times in a few days.

As a person who tries to be patient, I do not spit curses here and there, but, this heart already hurt hehe.

Moreover, moving hosting means additional costs and energy.

So that you don’t make the same mistake, I would recommend one of the cheapest hosting with super quality that I know of.

The choice is in you, but let’s look at the advantages of this hosting.

Here I will share some of the mandatory indicators that must exist in hosting that you can use as a benchmark or benchmark when choosing a hosting company:

  • Support

This is the most important part in my opinion, especially if you are really just learning. The website becomes very powerful because of its availability 24 hours non-stop. Consumers shop at 1 a.m.? It’s possible if you have a website.

But what happens, if you need help with hosting in the middle of the night, but there isn’t a single customer service available to help?

Well, at niagahoster, cs are available 24 hours.

  • Price

Special quality, student prices. Who does not want?

Don’t worry, bro … In this day and age, you can get cheap hosting easily, if there are EXPENSIVE hosting with the same quality, just leave it.

Niagahoster provides very affordable prices, starting from 19 thousand per month, up to 44 thousand for unlimited hosting.

Another addition, you know SSL? This SSL can simply be imagined as an information security guard on the internet. Now SSL has become a standard. Usually sold separately. At niagahoster, you can be free.

That’s not all, you still get a free domain and full Domain Manager access.

  • Technology

Speaking of technology, Niagahoster uses DCI Indonesia’s international standard Tier-4 Green Data Center and is part of Equinix, the best data center provider in the world. This data center guarantees your website’s webhosting, whatever its type, and has uptime performance of up to 99.999%.

You also need to know the IIX web hosting server. This is not a number, bro, IIX stands for Indonesia Internet Exchange, which in short, makes data access faster for domestic users.

Niagahoster seems to really focus on helping Agan agan who is just doing business or SMEs in Indonesia. So the features are indeed adjusted.

Attention .. If you are targeting foreign users, such as an English-language blog for adsense or e-commerce for the American market. You can choose only American or International Hosting.

  • The warranty

Really lazy right, if you’ve been lulled by the features and the price is great but after trying it turns out the quality is similar to rice crackers?

No worries for niagahoster users because there is a 30 day money back guarantee.

  • Comparison of competitors

Finally, as consumers we must also choose and compare with each other. If you often pass by hosting companies, you can see with top quality like this, the price of Niagahoster is below the market. Just check the shop next door, bro.

Finally, later you can choose several package options, don’t be confused, bro:

Shared Hosting

For you who might just want to try to make a website and want a cheaper price

Instant Website

If you already have a website, but don’t know how to make it and lazy to hire a professional (because it’s expensive) you can use Niagahoster’s Instant Website service.


On a Virtual Private Server (VPS). You have the freedom to build your own website to the technical configuration level of the server.

Once again, the choice is yours, but if you take a peek at the Niagahoster rating, you can understand why I recommend hosting this one. Just check this web hosting.