What is the estimated cost of hosting a website?

Hosting fees vary depending on where you buy the hosting and hosting package specifications chosen. For a simple website, you can use hosting at cheap prices ranging from 10-20 thousand / month. But for serious websites or for businesses, it would be better to use a higher hosting package.

What are local hosting recommendations?

You can choose one of the hosting that I included in this article. One of the most widely used bloggers with a fairly affordable price, facilities, specifications, and a pretty good support can be checked at this link. Use the a-irvantaufik code for an additional 5% discount.

What are the conditions for buying hosting?

Usually there are no special requirements. You simply register with the hosting provider, fill in the registration form and data as usual, then you can directly buy the desired hosting package.

Better hosting outside or local?

This is very subjective, everyone can have their own criteria. For me personally, using outside hosting and also local hosting. But if I really have to choose one, so far I still choose hosting outside. The reason is in the price offered, quality, and system support.

What is the minimum space for hosting a blog?

The bigger of course the better. For a blog or a normal website that doesn’t use a lot of images, I think I have enough space. But if your website uses a lot of images and certain files, it will need a much bigger space. Image is one of the things that takes up the most place in hosting.

How do you install a website on hosting?

You can install / install any website, according to the conditions given by your hosting. Can install a static html website, or use a CMS such as worpdress, joomla, and so forth. CMS has many choices because it is easy to install and easy to use by laypeople.

What are the limitations of unlimited hosting?

The ideal shared hosting in my opinion is shared hosting which has clear limits on the resources provided for each client. Unlimited hosting is usually not really unlimited, there is a limit in the form of the number of inodes in one hosting package used. The disadvantage of unlimited shared hosting is usually in the poor server performance, because it is used by so many websites on one server.

How to register a domain name?

Just like buying hosting. You simply register with the domain provider, choose the desired domain, then pay. Some types of domains sometimes require certain documents, or certain conditions. For example domain .co.id, to have it you have to send a scan ID and SIUP. Or domain .sg, only Singapore citizens with Singapore IDs who can have it.

What is the domain price?

Depending on the domain extension you choose. You can get a .com, .net, .org domain, starting from Rp. 100-120 thousand / year. Other extensions can have different prices, for example .me domains start at $ 21 / year,. Trip starts from $ 89 / year, and so forth. Often domain providers provide discounts in the first year of purchase, and the normal price at renewal later.

Do you have to buy a domain in the same place as buying hosting?

No. You can buy a domain and hosting in different places. Just do a little setting, your domain and hosting can be connected. However, it will be easier to control if you buy a domain and hosting in the same place.