When users want to buy hosting, the main thing to note is the location of the server. Because, the location of the server is one of the aspects and factors that affect the performance and speed of the website in the future. If the user chooses the wrong hosting server location, it could make your website slow to access.

The location of the hosting server is actually almost everywhere in the country. But of course not all of these places present good performance. The server that has good criteria is the server that has been chosen by various well-known ISPs. These good locations are generally divided into groups such as local locations (Indonesia), Asia Pacific, USA and Europe.

So from the many regions, which location is good for your website speed? The following is the explanation.

1. Local (Indonesian)

Hosting servers located in Indonesia are usually placed in the capital city of Jakarta. You can choose a server location in Indonesia if your website visitors or audience only focus on the local level. Indonesia’s location will offer good performance in terms of speed for local people only. But if your audience is foreign and local (mixed), then it is recommended not to use a hosting server located in Indonesia. Because, foreign people will not be able to access your website quickly. That is one reason.

Indonesian hosting servers tend to be used for school websites, universities and government agencies. But the drawbacks of local servers tend to have expensive prices and also the speed of international access worse.

2. Asia Pacific

This hosting server is usually located in Singapore, India, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and many more. Of the several places, Singapore is still a favorite and preferred by Indonesian webmasters, because the location is close to the homeland plus the speed of international access is pretty good. So that this location can be said to be neutral, quickly accessible to local people (Indonesia), and also fast to foreign people.

Therefore, you can use server locations in Asia Pacific, especially Singapore, if your website audience is classified as mixed, can be enjoyed by foreign people and can also be enjoyed by people within their own country.

3. USA (West Coast & East Coast)

USA West Coast

West Coast is usually located in the cities of Washington DC, California, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and surrounding areas. Optional number two besides Singapore, many local webmasters entrust their server locations to the West Coast. Because these locations are not so far from the Asia Pacific region including Indonesia. You can choose the location of this server as well if the website audience is classified as mixed.

USA East Coast

While this server is usually located in Florida, New York, and others. Although this location is actually far from the Asia Pacific region, it turns out that the East Coast server location is suitable for all websites in the world including Indonesia. For local webmasters themselves do not need to worry about the estimated slow speed, because the location of the Asia Pacific region apparently has an underwater Fiber Optic backbone connection to the USA East Coast and USA West Coast regions so that the servers in the USA location have a fairly decent speed.

4. Europe

European hosting servers are generally located in the UK (London), the Netherlands (Amsterdam), France and Germany. This server is certainly suitable for those of you who are targeting a European level audience. But it is not recommended to use this location if the audience comes from Asia Pacific, because the effect of slow speeds will be felt.